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Student E-mail FAQ's

Set-up your Student Email Account NOW because once you are enrolled, e-mail will no longer be sent to your personal e-mail account. To activate your Student E-mail account, log in to PiratesNet/connectColumbia, click the 'Current/Former Student' tab. Scroll down to the 'Communication' heading and click on "Student E-mail Activation", read the instructions and activate your email.

Q: How do I activate my Student E-mail?
A: To activate your MJC/Columbia College Student E-mail, click this link and view the demo.

Q: Where do I log in to my Student E-mail? 
A: You can log in to your Student E-mail by going to the Office 365 Website.

Q: Why do I need a Student E-mail?
A: All communication between MJC/Columbia College instructors and administration offices and students is fulfilled through Student E-mail. You will need to activate your Student E-mail in order to receive information regarding application, registration, fees, course changes, financial aid and etc.

Q: What is SkyDrive?
A: SkyDrive is cloud space offered with your Student E-mail. To view a demo on how to use/set up your SkyDrive, click this link.

Q: How much space does SkyDrive offer?
A: Skydrive offers 7GB of cloud space.

Q: How do I setup my student email on my iPhone?
A: See step-by-step iPhone setup instructions at iPhone email.