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Registration Process FAQ's

Q: How do I register/waitlist my classes?
A: After logging in to PiratesNet/connectColumbia, click on “Current/Former Students”. Click on “Register/Build Class Schedule." There are three ways to register: 1) Express Registration: Use this option only if you know the section/synonym numbers of your classes. 2) Search and Register For Classes: Use this option only if you do not know the section/synonym numbers of your classes and want to browse through the online catalog for the list of all courses. 3) Register - Preferred Class List: Use this option only if  you have previously saved your class list.
Note: before entering the section/synonym numbers, you will have to verify your information such as your name, mailing address, and phone number.

Click here, for step-by-step instructions.

Q: How do I register for a class if I am waitlisted?
A: You must attend the first day of the class and ask the instructor for an add card. Then you must remove yourself from the waitlist, using the "Drop Waitlisted Classes" link, and finally, register for the class, by clicking the "Add Class with Add Card" link.
Note: you can now automatically be moved up on the list and/or be placed on the class roster. Simply check your Student E-mail and/or your Class Schedule on PiratesNet/connectColumbia. If you are eligible to add the class, the word "Permission" would be next to your waitlisted class.

Q: I am trying to add a class and it says "Prerequisites have not been met." What does that mean?
A: It means that the class requires you to take a different class prior to enrollment. It can also mean that you have not taken your Assessment Test. If you feel you have completed the above requirements, you can call the MJC Admissions Office at (209) 575-6013 or the Columbia College Admissions Office at (209) 588-5250, for further assistance.

Q: I am trying to add a class but it gives me the following error message: "Data record did not pass the criteria specified in the rule, your address has changed." What does that mean?
A: You have to contact the MJC Admissions Office at (209) 575-6013, or the Columbia College Admissions Office at (209) 588-5250, in order to update your address.
Note: students now have access to update that information on PiratesNet/connectColumbia, under "Update Contact Information." 

Q: How do I know when my "Registration Date and Time" is?
A: You can find your registration date and time when you log in to PiratesNet/connectColumbia and click on the "Registration Date and Time" link. Your registration date and time is also e-mailed to your Student E-mail.  

Q: If I do not take classes this semester, will it affect my "Registration Date and Time"?
A: Yes. Enrollment does affect registration priority. For more information, click here.

Q: When I try to add a class, it says that it is part of 'Learning Community'. What does that mean?
A: Learning Community courses are designed to help first-year students feel oriented to college life. They are bundled with other courses and cannot be taken individually. For more information regarding those courses, click this link.