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Setup Student Email on your Smartphone

1. Press on the Apps folder from the home screen.

 Step 1

2. Press on the Settings icon.

3. Select Email.

4. Select 'General Settings'.

Step 4

5. Press on the Plus sign to add a new account.

Step 5

6. Press Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Step 6

7. Type your student email address and your password. Press Manual setup.

Step 7

8. Type the Domain\username. You will need to scroll down and enter Exchange server.

Step 8

 9. Type the Exchange server then press Next.

Step 9

 10. Press OK to give Exchange server access to your device.

11. Leave the options at the default settings or edit them to your preference, press Next.

Step 11

12. In the Activate device administrator screen, press Activate.

Step 12

13. Press Done. Your are now ready to use the Email app.

Step 13