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General FAQ's

Q: I have graduated and I am no longer a student. How do I log in to PiratesNet/connectColumbia?
A: As long as you have your PiratesNet/connectColumbia Student ID and Password, you can log in. If you cannot remember that information, you can have your password reset by clicking on the “Password Reset” link on PiratesNet/connectColumbia, located in the upper right corner in the Main Menu.

Q: I was a student at MJC/Columbia College. Do I need to re-apply to take classes?
A: If you have not attended classes in the past eighteen months, you must re-apply.

Q: How do I challenge a class?
A: You can challenge a class by contacting the appropriate division office and/or taking the final for that class. If you do not have access to that information, you can contact the HelpDesk at (209) 575-7900.

Q: Is the BOG Fee Waiver part of my FAFSA application?
A: Yes, when you apply for FAFSA, your are automatically applying for the BOG Fee Waiver.

Q: How can I find out the Assessment Testing schedule?
A: To find out the MJC schedule, call (209)575-7728 or go to the MJC Testing Site. For Columbia College testing hours, call (209)588-5234 or go to the Columbia College Testing Site.

Q: How can I find out when my final is?
A: Your finals time(s) can be retrieve by accessing the finals schedule online.

MJC Final Examination Schedule
Columbia College Final Examination Schedule

Note that times change every term. To view your final examination schedule, make sure you view the correct term.