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Fees FAQ's

Students who do not have a zero balance at the end of a day, within TEN days of registering for any classes, will be dropped for Non Payment of Fees. Students, who are California residents and have a current active BOG fee waiver before registering, will not be affected.
The college will not drop students from full-term classes after the start of the semester. Students that register for full term classes within TEN days of the start of the semester will be responsible for either paying their fees or dropping their classes. Students that use add cards to enroll in classes are responsible for either paying their fees or dropping their classes.

Q: When do I pay my fees?
A: Students have ten days to pay their fees from the day of registration.
Note: The day your register for the class, counts as day one.

Q: Where do I go to pay my fees?
A: You can pay your fees at the Business Office.  You can also pay your fees online on PiratesNet/connectColumbia. Log in, and under the "Current Students" Menu, click on the "Pay on My Account" link, located under "Financial Information".

Q: How do I request a refund?
A: You can contact the Business Office or fill out the "Online Refund Request Form".  For MJC, go to and under "Services", click on "College Forms" then "Refund Request".  For Columbia College, go to, and click on "Admissions", then click on "Online Forms for Students" then "Fee Refund Request Form".
Note: You will be asked to log in with your student credentials, before submitting the form.

Q: How do I find out how much I owe?
A: You can contact the Business Office: MJC: (209) 575-6828. Columbia College: (209) 588-5114. You can also log in to PiratesNet/connectColumbia, and under the "Current Students" Menu, click on "Account Summary" (for MJC) or "My Account Statement" (for Columbia College).

Q: When I added my classes, the system said that I owed fees. I applied for the BOG Fee Waiver. Why is it charging me?
A: It could mean that the BOG Fee Waiver has not been processed by Financial Aid. You can pay your fees and then be reimbursed, once your Fee Waiver is processed.

Q: How much is the fee per unit?
A: Fees are $46 per unit for California Residents.

Q: How much is the fee per unit for non-California Residents?
A: Fees are $204 for non-California Residents

Q: I added my classes and the fees seem too high. Why?
A: Other than the $46-per unit fee, students have to pay for other fees (Material fees, Health fees, Student Rep fees, Student Center fees and etc.) For a complete breakdown of MJC fees, go to the Tuition and Fees site. For Columbia College fees, go to the Student Fee/Refund Information page.