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Drop Classes FAQ's

Q: How do I drop a class?
A: Log in to PiratesNet/connectColumbia and click on the “Current/Former Students” tab. Under “Registration”, click on “Drop Classes”. The system will prompt you to verify the class you want to drop. Select the appropriate action in the drop-down box next to the course title and click "Submit".
Note: if you owe fees, you will have to contact the Business Office, in order to drop your class. MJC Business Office: (209) 575-6828. Columbia College Business Office: (209)588-5114.

Q: Do I still have to pay for the class if I drop it after the start of the semester?
A: If you owe fees for a class you are trying to drop, the system will make you pay for that class. You can request a refund if it is before the cut-off date. You can access the "Online Refund Request Form" under "Financial Information" in PiratesNet/connectColumbia.

Q: What does "Pay to Stay" mean?
A: Students have ten days to pay for their fees. If you do not pay your fees within that time frame, you will be dropped from the class and lose your spot.
Note: The day you register for the class counts as day one.