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Bookstore FAQ's

Q: Can I purchase my books online?
A: Yes. You can access the Bookstore sites through the MJC/Columbia College website, follow the links below:

MJC Bookstore

Manzanita Bookstore

Q: How do I find the books I need for my class?
A: Go to the Pirates Bookstore Textbooks Site, select the term and subject, and the section number of your class. Once you click on the corresponding section number, the text book will be added to "Your Schedule". Click on "Find Books" and you will be redirected to purchase the book(s).
Columbia College students can find their textbooks by going to the “Manzanita Bookstore” website.

Q: Will my books be on East or West campus (for MJC)?
A: If your class is on East/West Campus, then your books will be at the respective Bookstore.
Note: the West Campus Bookstore, which is now located in the Mary Stuart Rogers Building, will be closed after the second week of each term.

Q: What are the Bookstore hours?
A: You can find out the Bookstore hours by going to the Pirates Bookstore Site. For Columbia College Bookstore hours, go to the Manzanita Bookstore site.