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BlackBoard Learn FAQ's

Q: How do I sign in to BlackBoard?
A: If it is your first time on BlackBoard, you must log in using your “w” number and your six-digit birthday.

Q: What is my BlackBoard Password?
A: Your password for BlackBoard is your six-digit birthday. Although it is not required, you can change your password under 'Options'.

Q: I forgot my BlackBoard Username/Password. How do I retrieve it?
A: Your Username is your Student ID, or "w number".  Type in your Username then click on the “Forgot my Password” link. Choose which option to use to change your password (Username or E-mail Address option) and click submit. For further information and/or issues regarding your BlackBoard account, call the BlackBoard Helpdesk at
(209) 575-6412.

Q: I just registered for an online class, and the class is not listed on BlackBoard. Why?
A: It can take up to five hours for your classes to show up on BlackBoard.  If you cannot view your class on BlackBoard after 24 hours, contact your instructor. You can also call the BlackBoard HelpDesk at (209) 575-6412.